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Jordan Klepper declares himself a ‘f**king moron’ to end the ‘War on Trump’

"What, you think 'nasty women' are the only ones who can turn insults into a rallying cry?"

Former Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper has been making some solid satire this month as an alt-right blowhard in the style of Alex Jones, InfoWars and Breitbart. He has also created a persona that is now the prominent satirical version of the Trump apologist. And on Monday’s episode, he declared his support for the president in bright, white, censored letters.

On Monday’s The Opposition, Klepper reacted to the recent “war on Trump” which has sprung up from within the president’s own Cabinet.

Last week, Trump announced that he would remove the US certification of the Iran deal that is keeping the Middle Eastern country from creating more nuclear weapons. “That’s right, certification is for suckers,” Klepper said, “a belief I hold to this day in spite of how many lifeguard jobs it cost me.”

Top generals and Trump’s own Cabinet members disagreed with his decision on the certification. “Now it’s clear who Trump’s biggest enemy is — friends,” Klepper said. “Friends who are the enemies — let’s call them ‘frenemies,’ a word I just made up.”

This comes after it was revealed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “f—king moron.” Klepper just can’t take the disrespect. “I’m sick of this. Trump has done everything for these people. He picked them, seemingly at random, for positions of great importance, and now they’re calling Trump a moron? Then I’m calling moron a compliment! What, you think ‘nasty women’ are the only ones who can turn insults into a rallying cry?”

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