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‘The Daily Show’ is in Chicago blasting Trump’s understanding of Chicago

“According to the president, Chicago is basically Syria, but with different pizza.”

Monday night marked the first of four nights The Daily Show will film in Chicago for a special “Undesked” week. While the team had their fun with a Ferris Bueller-style opening, Trevor Noah and his correspondents got to the heart of some of Chicago’s biggest issues.

Trevor opened the show with a stand-up monologue in which he acknowledged that Chicago is known for its violence. But he brought the show to the City of Big Shoulders because he sees it as a “microcosm for all the issues that the rest of the country faces.”

“According to the president, Chicago is basically Syria, but with different pizza,” Noah remarked as he cued up multiple clips of President Trump criticizing the city.

Chicago may have the most murders every year, but it doesn’t have the most per capita. So, “Why would the right be so obsessed with Chicago?”

Well, it started with our former president. “Oh, now I get it,” Noah said. “When there’s shootings, Obama’s from Chicago. All the other times, he’s from Kenya. Now it makes sense.”

“These people don’t care about Chicago’s murder rates,” he said of the politicians and Fox News pundits who use the city as a statistic. “They care about how they can use Chicago to score political points.”

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether Chicago is ranked number one in murders or number nine in murders. What’s important is stopping the murders.”

Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. spent some time on the South Side with a group called CeaseFire, which is trying to reduce violence in the city. Watch the clip below.


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