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John Oliver fumes over Equifax breach, offers advice on protecting your identity

"They make most of their money selling our data to businesses, like banks. So in their eyes, we're not the consumer, we're the product."

In early September, Equifax announced that hackers had breached their data goldmine and stolen the private information of up to 145 million Americans. This would normally be an enormous story, John Oliver said, “but now that every day’s headline is simply the words ‘Everything Bats–t Bananas Again Today,’ it’s slipped under the radar.”

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver broke down the consequences of this massive data breach and what it means for most Americans.

“This isn’t Target exposing customers’ credit cards,” Oliver remarked, “this is compromising Social Security numbers, the things that thieves could use to open new credit cards in your name, and if your information was stolen — which, remember, is about a 50-50 chance — it could haunt you forever.”

Oliver recapped what happened to lead to the hack, but “the short answer…is the people in charge have done literally everything wrong.”

If your information is out there now, you could be affected by it for the rest of your life. As Oliver pointed out, the only thing you can do now, is freeze your credit accounts with the big three credit reporters, but that will likely cost money, because this is business, after all.

“They make most of their money selling our data to businesses, like banks. So in their eyes, we’re not the consumer, we’re the product. To think of it in terms of KFC, we’re not the guy buying the 10-piece buckets, we’re the f—ing chickens.”

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