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Alec Baldwin returns as Trump to mock tax cut speech, Pence football stunt

Back at it again.

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live to once again give a speech during the cold open. This time, he mocked Trump’s recent tax cut speech in Pennsylvania, and Mike Pence’s PR stunt at the Indianapolis Colts game last week.

Baldwin’s Trump began by addressing the Pennsylvania truckers and mispronouncing Harrisburg. “We have so much in common, and not just because all the blood in our bodies pools in our legs and our butts.”

He then called Pence at the Colts game to see how the NFL players were treating the flag. When one appeared to kneel, Baldwin shouted, “Get out there! Mike, bail! Haul ass, Mike!” This was a running gag throughout the cold open as Trump checked back in with Pence to find him at a Starbucks that wasn’t serving Christmas cups, and, for some reason, a gay wedding.

Trump also reacted to Eminem’s BET Awards freestyle cypher calling out the president for racial divisiveness. “He rapped some very nasty things about me,” Baldwin said, “and very soon, I’m going to release a response rap on the white entertainment network, HGTV.”

This was a pretty weak sketch for Baldwin’s Trump as the impression is now relying on sight gags and tired jokes. He is now becoming overused and underwritten, while other political figures continue to get more imaginative parodies. Ah well, they can’t all be Kate McKinnon.

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