Seth Meyers attacks Trump, Weinstein and the ‘culture of male entitlement’

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers attacked President Trump, Harvey Weinstein and the culture that allows men in power to get away with sexually harassing women for decades.

The female writers of Late Night had their say about Weinstein on Monday night, but this time Seth dug in with with a “Closer Look” at systemic sexism in America.

Meyers compared Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump to show how both men have abused women. “It’s a reminder that our toxic culture of male entitlement is still very much intact.”

Seth began by discussing how Trump has treated the women as various as the Mayor of San Juan to the dozens who have accused him of sexual assault, and showed that he uses “explicitly misogynistic” behavior to “silence and bully” women.

“Donald Trump is perhaps the most famous example of this kind of abuse of male power, but he is by no means the only one,” Meyers said, turning to Weinstein, who said he hopes this will blow over in a year.

“You think you can come back in a year?” Meyers asked. “If Weinstein had himself cryogenically frozen and woke up a thousand years from now, the headline would still be, ‘Too soon, creep.’”

After digging even more into the issue, Meyers turned his attention to all men and called on them to “speak up and address their complicity in the system that allows these things to happen.”

“You want to argue that Harvey Weinstein was just as bad as Donald Trump?” he asked. “Fine. Harvey Weinstein was, after far too long, found out and fired. Donald Trump has been found out for a year and we’re still waiting.”

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