Stephen Colbert questions Trump’s IQ claims, obviously

rex tillerson donald trump iq stephen colbert late show

Donald Trump wants to compete against his own Secretary of State in an IQ measuring contest. Smart. On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert had a few things to say about yet another Trump insecurity test.

“It has been a rough start to the school year for Donald Trump,” Colbert said. “His report card is definitely gonna say, ‘Has problems working and playing well with others.'”

“The Oval Office doesn’t have any corners. You can’t put him in a time out,” Colbert observed.

Trump started a feud with Secretary Rex Tillerson two weeks ago when he said the diplomat was wasting his time talking with the North Koreans while Tillerson was in North Korea trying to talk them down from the threat of thermonuclear war.

“All this time we’ve been worried the next war would be caused by artificial intelligence,” Colbert cautioned. “Turns out the real danger is natural stupidity. I’ll miss us.”

Watch the clip below for more.


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