Jon Stewart joins Colbert to roast ‘sociopath’ Trump over ‘equal time’ tweet

Jon Stewart returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater Monday as he joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to give Trump “equal time” after he asked for it in a tweet over the weekend. In the tweet, Trump complained that “unfunny” late night hosts were attacking him too much and should give him “equal time,” referring to the FCC rule that only applies to candidates.

Colbert decided to humor him, though, and brought on another host to offer the counterweight to his Trump jokes.

That counterweight was Jon Stewart, but he was having a very hard time finding good things to say about Trump, other than, “Donald Trump is not a cannibal.”

Eventually, Stewart couldn’t take it anymore and blew up at Trump over his “calm before the storm” comment.

“What the fuck is wrong with this guy?” Stewart exclaimed. “‘You’ll find out?’ A cliffhanger, surrounded by military people? Will Trump give humanity the rose? Will civilization make it to the fantasy suite?!”

“And ‘calm before the storm?’ Is that what he was saying? How is all this not the storm? This is all the storm! And what kind of sociopath would use that terminology while people are still cleaning up from literal storms?”

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