Trevor Noah digs into Russia’s ‘fake news’ Facebook ads

The jury is still out on whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to affect the election, but Russia definitely tried to affect the election, with or without help from the Trump camp.

We now know that Russian firms used ads on Facebook and Google to push “fake news” stories aimed at swaying votes in key states. On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah explained why this is a big deal.

Trump has co-opted the term “fake news” to mean anything he doesn’t like, but the original term referred to “deliberately false stories posing as news,” especially those shared widely on social media, which is where many Americans now get their news.

“If there’s one guaranteed way to make any situation worse, just sprinkle a little Russia over it.”

Facebook revealed that 10 million Americans saw such posts from Russian-based users. “Regardless of your politics, the reason you should care about fake news online is because it’s not just about Russians meddling in U.S. elections — it’s about Russians working to divide everyone.”

Watch the clip to see how The Daily Show suggests we react.

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