Jordan Klepper reveals keys to avoiding gun debate in blistering takedown of ‘not the time’ rhetoric

After the Las Vegas massacre, in which a lone gunman killed 58 Americans by firing thousands of rounds into a crowd of concertgoers using a modified semi-automatic rifle, Democrats once again called for changes in the country’s gun laws.

“Now is not a great time for me,” Jordan Klepper remarked on Tuesday’s The Opposition.

Klepper, who satirizes alt-right media by embodying an Alex Jones-type maniac, gave his keys to avoiding talking about gun control following a mass shooting.

“If you’re like me, a lover of the Second Amendment, you know that the period directly following a mass shooting is the most dangerous time…for our guns,” said Klepper.

“There’s only one thing for us brave, patriotic Americans to do,” he exclaimed. “Stand our ground, turn, and run away from this debate. It’s time we all became gun runners. Because the best way to win an argument is to run away and never have it in the first place.”

Watch the clip below to see Klepper ironically advise his followers how to prepare to run from the debate before the next mass shooting inevitably happens.

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