Trevor Noah actually cuts Trump some slack on Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has created a massive humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, and President Trump has had a few wins and losses in his response. On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah cut the president some slack about his comments on Puerto Rico.

“Due to Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico has no running water, limited gas, and no power,” Trevor Noah said, “and although having no power may be okay for Democrats, it’s not okay for an island full of people.”

In one of his speeches, Trump said Puerto Rico was an island in a very big ocean. He got some flack for the simplicity of that comment, but Trevor gets what he was trying to say: It’s hard to get supplies to a small island. And Trump actually waived an old shipping law Thursday morning so PR could get more aid.

But still more needs to be done and people need to donate to the cause. “Don’t think of it as a donation, think of it as paying Puerto Rico back for all they’ve given us: ‘Despacito,’ Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez,” Noah reasoned. So if you’ve ever fantasized about J.Lo, break out that check book.


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