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Late night hosts examine Roy Moore, Alabama’s racist candidate for Senate

Moore will win in Alabama "unless Democrats nominate a statue of a Confederate flag."

Despite President Trump’s support for his opponent, alt-right racist candidate Roy Moore won the Alabama GOP’s primary for Senate this week. On Wednesday’s late night monologues, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Jordan Klepper broke down the news and looked at Moore’s controversial past remarks.

Moore will become the next senator from Alabama, “unless Democrats nominate a statue of a Confederate flag,” said Colbert. Moore was Steve Bannon’s pick to win, and that should say all you need to know about him, but here’s a little more.

He referred to homosexuality as “an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it.” And “just this year he suggested 9/11 might have been punishment for U.S. turning away from god, saying the almighty was upset with the United States, because ‘we legitimize sodomy.’”

Another time he said, “Now we’ve got blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting…” Yeah. “If you look past the racist language of calling ethnic groups ‘reds and yellows’ – and you shouldn’t,” Colbert remarked, “where does he live where he’s constantly seeing Native Americans and Asians fighting each other? The 2017 reboot of West Wide Story sounds pretty awesome!”

Seth Meyers also took a “Closer Look” at the Alabama race on Wednesday’s Late Night and said that Trump and Moore are “cut from the same cloth.”

Meanwhile, on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah took a deep dive into Moore’s racist and anti-LGBT comments.

“Moore has some interesting views on religion and race, but that’s only the beginning,” he said. “See, getting to know this man is like peeling an onion: The deeper you go, the more you want to cry.”

“I get saying we’ve got ‘blacks and whites fighting,’ but ‘reds and yellow’?” Noah asked. “Is he running some kind of fight club for M&Ms?”

Jordan Klepper also debuted a new segment called “Boom! Goes the Establishment” to react to Roy Moore’s big win.


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