Trevor Noah realizes the Trumps are doing everything they slammed Hillary for

The Daily Show had to offer up a rare “retraction” during Tuesday night’s show. On the previous night, Trevor Noah said “an official” in the Trump administration was caught using a private email account to discuss government issues. “It wasn’t ‘an official,’ it was many officials,” Noah admitted.

Apparently, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Steve Bannon, among others, were caught using their own emails to discuss classified matters. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Noah took the opportunity to compare the actions of the Trumps to numerous other things that they criticized the Clintons for doing.

“Let’s just take a quick tally of all the Hillary things the Trumps have done now,” Noah said.

“Private emails, working with Goldman Sachs, being shady with foundation money. I wouldn’t be shocked if we found out that they’re also wearing pantsuits in secret.”

In response, Noah suggested Hillary start doing some things Trump has gotten away with. Watch the clip below for his list of ideas.

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