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Stephen Colbert leads audience in ‘loudest’ booing Trump has ever heard

Really? That’s the loudest booing you’ve ever heard? Listen to this...

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked his audience to show Donald Trump what booing is all about after the president said fans at the Dallas Cowboys game Monday night booed the kneeling team with the “loudest” boos he has ever heard.

Trump has been preoccupied all week with his protest of NFL athlete protesters, but when asked if he was spending too much time on the issue, Trump said, “Not at all I have plenty of time on my hands; all I do is work.”

“Wait. Which is it? Do you have too much time on our hands? Or are are you always working?” Colbert asked. “Because I can’t decide which one scares me more.”

Despite the fact that Trump said he would boycott the NFL, he was apparently watching Monday night, when the entire Cowboys team, including owner Jerry Jones, knelt before the national anthem. As some of the fans in attendance began booing, Trump tweeted that it was “the loudest I have ever heard. Great anger.”

“Really? That’s the loudest booing you’ve ever heard?” Colbert asked. “Listen to this,” he advised Trump before saying to his audience, “Donald Trump is President.” At this, Colbert’s audience erupted in loud boos.

“Thank you! I think I have my new ringtone.”

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