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Hey! Seth Meyers has some harsh words for Trump after Puerto Rico tweets

“You wanted to ‘Make America Great Again’ so I’ll say it again—Puerto Rico is America.”

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Seth Meyers addressed the president directly on the matter of Puerto Rico after Donald Trump tweeted about the American province’s debt to Wall Street.

After Hurricane Maria ripped through the island, the entire electrical grid went down and many in Puerto Rico are now without food and water.

In response to the crisis, Trump tweeted that Puerto Rico has a “massive debt” to Wall Street that will have to be taken care of.

“People don’t have clean drinking water and your first instinct is to tell them they owe money,” Meyers said. “What are you? Some kind of shitty landlord? Oh, right. You were a shitty landlord.”

“It took you a full week before you even sent someone to check out the situation,” Meyers said. “You’re like the guy who says he’ll help his friend move and then just shows up at the end for pizza.”

“You wanted to ‘Make America Great Again’ so I’ll say it again,” Meyers remarked. “Puerto Rico is America.”

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