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Jordan Klepper has tips on taking back football in the name of America

America first...Americans second.

Football is not supposed to be a thinking man’s sport, yet the NFL has been the center of debate this week after President Trump attacked athletes for protesting injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

On Tuesday’s The Opposition, Jordan Klepper had some tips for taking football back for the sake of America. Not Americans, though.

“When I watched that game,” Klepper said of tuning into the NFL Sunday, “what I saw was violence. Not good football violence. Bad idea violence. The kind that is directed at America through the vicious act of kneeling during the national anthem.”

Trump said the “son of a bitch” who kneels should be “fired.” “Yes!” reacted Klepper. “Trump knows what works. You gotta give give people the catchphrase. Otherwise, they’re not gonna buy the t-shirt, or the hat, or the logic.”

Klepper had a phrase of his own. “America first…Americans second.” That’s the only way the logic works in this controversy. Americans have the right to peacefully protest, unless it’s against America.

“Americans are complicated, with issues and problems and allegations of systemic racism. These are things that make me sad. America, on the other hand, is unimpeachable, it’s flawless, and easy to find on a map. That makes me happy.”

“America first. Americans second.” Watch the clip below for Klepper’s tips on taking football back from Americans, and giving it to America.

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