Stephen Colbert rips Trump over NFL comments

On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert tore into Donald Trump after the president spent his weekend in a Twitter war with NFL players over their right to peacefully protest during the national anthem before their games.

“It started with then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick,” Colbert explained, of how the kneeling protest began last year. “It was a controversial protest. After all, the singing of the national anthem is a sacred time when red-blooded Americans stand up and run to the bathroom because that’s when the line is shortest.”

In a speech in Alabama this weekend, Trump told the audience that if any NFL player knelt during the national anthem, the owner of the team should fire the “son of a bitch.” Colbert reacted, “That was unnecessary roughness. There should be a flag on that play. I’m going to say a Confederate flag.”

One of Trump’s reasons for his complaint is that these players are disrespecting the American flag. “Those players are protesting racial injustice,” Colbert clarified. “They’re not protesting the American flag. Saying that kneeling is a protest against the flag is like saying Gandhi’s hunger strikes were a protest against snacking. You do realize that civil rights activists weren’t sitting in at the lunch counters for better grilled cheese?”

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