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Seth Meyers echoes NFL player: ‘Our president is an a**hole’

Over the weekend, President Trump decided it was time to take up a valiant and honorable battle against peaceful protesters. Despite the fact that there are things like hurricane relief and North Korea to think about, Trump decided America needed “one more fucking thing it has to deal with,” Seth Meyers said.

On Monday’s Late Night, Meyers ripped into Trump for tweet-fighting with NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem.

In the first clip Meyers played, Trump called anyone who kneels a “son of a bitch,” and a CNN anchor prefaced the speech by saying little children should not hear such language. “Let’s just take a step back and consider how embarrassing it is that news anchors now have to introduce comments from the president by warning little children to leave the room.”

“It should be clear to everyone who Trump is and what he represents,” Meyers remarked. “When black athletes peacefully protest racism and police brutality, Trump has no trouble summoning his outrage. But when white supremacists march with Nazi flags and Confederate flags through the streets of an American city, he equivocates and then defends them.”

Meyers then brought on Amber Ruffin to riff on the issue. “This is about racial inequality,” she said. “Look, if you have a problem with black people loudly protesting and silently protesting, then what you have a problem with is black people. What is your ideal form of black protest? Write down our complaints, put them in a bottle, and throw it in the f—ing ocean?”

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