Lewis Black fires off on Senate GOP’s new ‘turd sandwich’ healthcare bill

Healthcare repeal is back, and while Jimmy Kimmel has used his last couple of monologue to call for action against the bill, Lewis Black showed his usual ire in railing against the plan.

On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah invited Lewis Black to fire off on the problems with the new healthcare proposal from Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham.

“Let’s face it: America sucks at health care,” Black said. “For starters, we’re the only country that decided to turn illness into a gold mine.”

“With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Republicans’ new turd sandwich of a bill makes it to Trump’s desk and he actually eats the thing,” Black remarked.

Black paid particular attention to Speaker Paul Ryan, saying he doesn’t know how healthcare works. “Now listen, Paul Ryan, you spoiled vanilla milkshake, you fountainhead of spit, you vomitorium of congeniality. Insurance isn’t the healthy paying for the sick,” Black said. “It’s the healthy paying to slow down their inevitable demise, which might be helpful in a country that stuffs hotdogs into pizza.”

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