Trevor Noah has some thoughts on Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ speech at the UN

On Tuesday, President Trump gave a speech at the United Nations in which he referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as “Rocket Man.”

Of course, on Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah had some jokes about the president’s odd presentation, including the “Trump Doctrine.” “The only way to grow together is to grow apart — It sounds like Donald Trump is trying to break up with the U.N. without getting into a fight.”

“From a global perspective, it is refreshing to see an American leader who’s not going to dictate to the world,” Noah remarked about Trump’s speech. “Unless he doesn’t like how other countries are run,” Noah cautioned, listing Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and of course, North Korea, as examples.

“I don’t know what’s more insane: the fact that Donald Trump just stood in front of the United Nations and threatened to wipe out a country of 25 million people, or the fact that he followed that up with ‘Rocket Man.'”

“Honestly, when you watched this address, it felt less like a presidential address to the U.N. and more like an insult comic roasting the world.”

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