Seth Meyers mocks Trump’s United Nations ‘Rocket Man’ speech

Apparently, Donald Trump thinks referring to Kim Jong-Un as Rocket Man is a great insult. On Tuesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers mocked the president for his latest bit of aggressive rhetoric.

“Why are you calling him Rocket Man?” asked Meyers. “That’s not a diss, that’s a cool nickname. You’re making him sound like a character from Top Gun.”

Meyers then imagined Trump and Kim settling their disagreements on the volleyball court, as the 80s taught us you should do.

Seth also discussed the steady creep of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, as the special counsel goes after the Trump campaign “how you’d go after an organized crime syndicate.”

“And that is so unfair,” Meyers argued. “How dare anyone call the Trump administration organized? They’re basically running the government like a Roomba. ‘Yeah, we just go until we hit a wall and then go somewhere else, and we suck the whole time.’”

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