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Jim Jefferies gives Trump a little credit…well, almost

"If Trump does something worthy, I'll give him credit for it. Even if he stumbles into it like a pu**y-grabbing Forrest Gump."

It was looking like President Trump might have been making some quality changes with his administration last week after he helped broker a deal with Democratic Senators to fund hurricane relief and DACA.

But of course, Trump will be Trump. On Tuesday’s Jim Jefferies Show, the host reacted to Trump’s bipartisan week by giving the president a pat on the back.

“Wait, what the hell’s even happening here? Did Trump do a good thing? I mean, by accident…Imagine how the Democrats felt going into that meeting, going in ready to fight and then coming out and getting exactly what they wanted. they probably left thinking, ‘Damn, while we were there, we should have eliminated the electoral college, banned guns, and brought back abortion Fridays!”

“If Trump does something worthy, I’ll give him credit for it,” Jefferies admitted, “Even if he stumbles into it like a pussy-grabbing Forrest Gump.”

It took him a while to get through it, but he managed to say, “Well done.” But the president didn’t take long to go back to his old ways, giving a speech at the UN in which he called Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man.” Jefferies sang a little tune in response.

In the episode, Jim also reacted to the hurricanes, rode along with U.K. police, and paid a visited to his newest enemy. Watch the clips below for more.





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