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Colbert reacts to Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ threats at the United Nations

"Mr. President, please don't give our enemies nicknames that make them sound cooler."

On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert reacted to President Trump‘s speech to the United Nations in which he threatened North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and called him “Rocket Man.”

“Of course, the U.N. was founded after World War II in hopes of creating a lasting peace, so naturally the highlight of the president’s speech was threatening thermonuclear war,” Colbert said.

“Trump doubled down on his new nickname for Kim Jong Un,” Colbert remarked, after showing clips from the speech. “Rocket Man? Mr. President, please don’t give our enemies nicknames that make them sound cooler. ‘I will destroy Commander Jetpack, and Adm. Ice Cream Sex Machine.'”

In his speech, Trump also complained to the United Nations that America was putting in too much money. “He’s right, we’re paying top dollar and we’re nowhere near world peace,” Colbert admitted. “I mean, I just saw some guy at the podium say he’s going to destroy North Korea.”

The Late Show also imagined Kim Jong-Un’s response to being labeled “Rocket Man.” Watch below for the clip.

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