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Trevor Noah looks on the bright side of Trump’s violent tweets


Over the weekend, Donald Trump returned to his old Twitter ways when he retweeted a gif showing himself hitting a golf ball that strikes Hillary Clinton in the back.

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah reacted to the controversial tweet by proposing we let Trump tweet, as long as he keeps working with the Democrats to pass legislation.

“Look, we can all agree this tweet was obviously in poor taste,” Noah said. “I mean, we knew that. It’s on Trump’s Twitter.”

“But maybe, it’s not the worst thing in the world,” Noah remarked. “Do you notice that Trump sent out these tweets as he started making deals with the Democrats?” The president is now “protecting DREAMers, raising the debt ceiling and postponing the wall,” and his base is furious.

“So to make them happy, he throws them a mean GIF or two,” Noah said. “I don’t know about you, but I feel like this is a trade that I can live with. Trump gives his followers offensive tweets, and then he gives the rest of America policies that move the country forward.”



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