Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump’s awkward interactions with Melania

Donald and Melania Trump visited Andrews Air Force Base over the weekend, and as usual, Melania did not seem to have a good time. On Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host mocked the frigid interactions between the president and his Slovenian bride.

“Poor Malaria, if her stupid husband hadn’t run for president she’d have been at Bergdorf Goodman buying ankle boots instead of trying to read with children at a table,” he said after showing a clip of Melania reading with children on the base.

But the real story was “the most uncomfortable display of affection between any husband and wife this year,” as Melania introduced Donald before his speech and he shook her hand and told her to sit down.

“That’s, you know, that’s how it goes when you’re in a relationship. My wife and I shake hands before bed every night. He shut her down like a robot from Westworld,” remarked Jimmy. “You go sit down. She should’ve walked off that stage and kept walking all the way to Slovenia.”

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