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Trevor Noah questions Trump’s deal on DACA and the wall

"Wow, one deal, now he's Mr. Bipartisan?"

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah mocked President Trump for his latest move to accept a deal with Democrats to extend DACA without getting funding for his border wall.

House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders praised Trump’s bipartisanship after he made the deal with Democratic Senators.

“Wow, one deal, now he’s Mr. Bipartisan?” asked Trevor. “You can’t call someone a philanthropist just because they toss a quarter at a homeless person.”

Trump tried to calm his critics by assuring them the wall is still coming. “There is an enormous wall between me and what President Trump just said,” Noah said. “He sounded less like a president and more like general contractor who’s missed every deadline. Okay, from what I gather, there is no wall, but he’s renovating a wall that, when complete, will become a fence, and then somebody else will pay for it?”

“I guess in many ways, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is right about Trump being bipartisan, because both sides of the country want to impeach his ass.”

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