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Stephen Colbert and James Corden list the side effects of hosting

Side effects may include...

Stephen Colbert dropped by the Late Late Show Thursday to discuss the side effects of hosting on CBS with James Corden ahead of Colbert’s gig hosting the Emmys this Sunday.

Corden began his “Side Effects May Include…” segment by asking if anyone in the audience had any experience with hosting a late night talk show on CBS, just to see if anyone could relate to the side effects of such a job.

One voice spoke up from the darkness: “I can relate to it, James!”

Thus, Stephen entered and joined Corden at his desk to discuss such things as Chris Pratt’s dreamy eyes, Jon Hamm’s—well, he knows—and, what CBS stands for. Apparently, James didn’t know it was Columbia Broadcasting System.

One side effect was, “Having to tell people if they missed your show they can watch it in full on CBS Full Access, as if that’s a viable option.” But let’s be honest, you come to The Lanx for the best of their shows!

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