Daily Show compares how Trump and Miss America contestants handle issues

Miss America contestants are required to give in-depth answers to questions regarding the latest issues. So is the president, but we all know how that turns out.

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Michelle Wolf compared how Trump and Miss American contestants responded to the same issues, and as Wolf pointed out, “it’s actually easier to become president than it is to become Miss America.”

They cued up a viral video of Miss Texas answering a question about Charlottesville that Trump took days to respond to. “How crazy is that?” Wolf said. “It took the president four days and three tries to give a shitty answer to that question, and Miss Texas nailed it in 20 seconds.”

“This is how little faith America has in its women: They have to be prettier, more talented, and smarter than the president just to get the job of waving for a year. She’s going to be stuck in a parade, like, ‘Glad I solved that Nazi problem. They won’t even let me drive.'”

“I just figured something out,” she said. “Remember how Donald Trump said he used to sneak into pageant dressing rooms? Maybe he wasn’t being creepy, maybe he just needed answers.”

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