Hey, Hillary! Seth Meyers doesn’t like your Bernie blaming

Hey! Seth Meyers had some words for Hillary Clinton on Wednesday’s Late Night, after the former presidential candidate placed blame on Bernie Sanders for her loss in her new book about the election. She said Bernie’s personal attacks paved the way for Trump to call her “Crooked Hillary” in the general election.

“Hey, Hillary Clinton, don’t blame Bernie because Donald Trump called you names,” Meyers said. “I promise you he was going to do that anyway. It’s not like Trump watched Bernie at the debates and thought, ‘Criticizing Hillary… that just might work!’”

“You think Trump needed Bernie’s permission to be an asshole? Assholes don’t need permission. That’s what makes them assholes.”

“If you want to blame something ancient, blame the Electoral College,” Meyers remarked. “We shouldn’t be running the most important elections on earth on a system designed over 200 years ago to appease slave-owners.” Watch the clip for more.

15 thoughts on “Hey, Hillary! Seth Meyers doesn’t like your Bernie blaming

    1. The Democratic party is responsible for Trump. They’ve not addressed gerrymandering and voter suppression. They don’t bother to campaign in red states and just let Republicans have them.


  1. Hillary is doing severe damage to the future of the Democrat’s Party. One thing Bernie does have that Dem’s do not is a clear, consistent PLATFORM that is effectively communicated.

    I have NO idea what the DNC stands for except infighting.


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