Late Show Television

Stephen is back! And he’s ripping apart Trump’s Harvey response

"He's been closer to a flood in a Russian hotel room."

Stephen Colbert has been off the air for two weeks, but he was back on Tuesday night to give his take on President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

He began by expressing his support and condolences for the people affected by the disaster. “Please remember these people, because it’s not going to go away for them for a long time,” he said.

Colbert then dug into Trump’s trip to Texas, starting with his speech saying there was a great turnout. “That crowd was really excited to see Donald Trump,” Colbert remarked. “Or they heard there’d be drinking water. Either way, pretty excited.”

At one point, Trump pointed out that Harvey is such an innocent name. “Yes, it’s not an innocent name. We have to stop naming storms after innocent people,” Colbert said. “We have to name storms after guilty people so we know they’re bad. Like ‘Hurricane Hitler’ or ‘Hurricane Joe Arpaio’—or ‘Hurricane Donald’ for that matter.”


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