Jimmy Kimmel Live Television

Jimmy Kimmel compares Trump kids to DREAMers after DACA decision

“These children can’t help that their mother was an Eastern European immigrant."

On Tuesday morning, President Trump sent Jeff Sessions to announce that the administration would end Obama’s DACA initiative which protected America’s DREAMers, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children.

Jimmy Kimmel reacted to news of Trump’s decision on his show Tuesday night by comparing the Trump kids to DREAMers.

“It seems like his main agenda is just to undo everything Obama did,” Kimmel said of the decision. “I hope he doesn’t bring Bin Laden back to life.”

“These are American kids. Some of these kids have never visited the place they could get deported to.” He joked that “if these kids want to be American, they have to do it the right way, by marrying Donald Trump.”

He revealed a picture of the four Trump kids with a sympathetic voiceover. “These children, for instance, can’t help that their mother was an Eastern European immigrant. These DREAMers work hard, to put shoes on American feet,” referring to Ivanka, “and to do whatever these two do,” meaning the two boys.

“Tell Congress to protect these children of immigrants, no matter how terrible their parents are.”


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