Daily Show Television

Trevor Noah tries to sort through Trump’s multiple personalities

"Personally, I’m waiting for the first appearance of Reggae Trump."

After two weeks of speeches in which Trump went from off-the-cuff to buttoned-up to off-the-rails, Trevor Noah opened his show Thursday by trying to sort through the many personalities of the president.

“Every day this week, we have seen a wildly different Donald address the nation,” Noah explained. “On Monday, we had Teleprompter Trump… then on Tuesday we had Freestyle Trump… and then Wednesday, Sincere Trump… Three days, three Trumps.”

“This shit’s insane! Because Serious Trump, Somber Trump, Freestyle Trump — personally, I’m waiting for the first appearance of Reggae Trump.”

Noah played clips of Trump swinging from one personality to the next, and even changing his message. “Here’s the thing, Trump swings are only surprising if you expect Trump to actually be president,” Noah explained. “But Donald Trump isn’t a president. He’s just playing one on TV.”

“When most politicians perform, it’s a means to an end, you get the crowd on your side so you can govern. Trump only wants to govern so he can have the crowd on his side and not believing anything really frees Trump up to act differently depending on the situation. It’s acting.”


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