Jordan Klepper introduces Alex Jones-style satirical show, ‘The Opposition’

Jordan Klepper may be the new Stephen Colbert. At least, that’s what Comedy Central is banking on. The Daily Show correspondent is the latest alum to secure his show, and he’s taking a cue from the man who did it best. While the Colbert Report was a satirical take on a primetime Fox News show, Klepper will take on Alex Jones and the fringe groups that have come to define the Trump era.

“I want to expose the greedy globalists who chase power and money,” Klepper explained to Trevor Noah about his new show. “I also want to get more Twitter followers and build my brand, so in a way, I’m looking to expose myself.” Asked Noah, “Expose yourself? Didn’t you get arrested for that once?”

“I’m not going to stand by while Barack Obama continues to run things from his shadow government bunker in Kenya,” Klepper said, as he compared his move from Daily Show to Opposition to that of Steve Bannon going back to Breitbart after playing at government strategist for six months.

“Jordan, I’m not going to lie — this all sounds a little fringe, man,” Noah cautioned.

“It is fringe,” Klepper said. “Reality check: that’s where everybody lives now. It’s where opinions, policies, and realities are born. On my new show, I represent the outsiders, the underdogs, like the billionaire TV star president.”

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