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Daily Show mocks ‘dumb’ white supremacists for messing with Trump’s presidency

"Trump's trying to give them the hookup. This is not how you treat a hookup."

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. mocked alt-right white supremacists for stirring up trouble while their chosen leader is in the White House.

Noah began by educating his audience on white supremacy. “Don’t get me wrong, white people have been doing very well for themselves for the past few hundred years,” Noah said. “It’s been a solid run for white people, I cannot lie, but this stuff goes in cycles.”

Trevor then brought out Roy Wood Jr., who had his own take. “Watching what happened in Charlottesville, it only made me wonder: How are you the master race, but you’re so dumb?”

“These dudes, they got a great thing going, and they’re messing it up. Donald Trump’s already given white supremacists pretty much everything they want. He’s building the wall, he’s banning Muslims, he’s taking away black people’s voting rights, he blocked Tyler Perry from dropping any new Madea movies.”

“They’ve got a man on the inside, but all the stupid shit they’re doing is just bringing heat on them,” he said. “Trump’s trying to give them the hookup. This is not how you treat a hookup.” Watch the clip to see Wood’s advice for the white supremacists.

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