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Jimmy Kimmel reads mean tweets from Trump fans

“I want to thank everyone for the feedback.”

Jimmy Kimmel gained some new enemies Wednesday. After his Tuesday night monologue about Trump’s wild speech defending Nazis went viral, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host received a flurry of hate-tweets from those who think he should mind his own business.

“Last night on our show, if you missed it, I had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. “I explained that I understood why they did it but encouraged those of them who deep down feel like now they look back and made a mistake, to just admit it and move on.”

“I have to say, I think it might have worked,” he joked. “I really think I made a breakthrough. And I base that on the thoughtful responses I got on Twitter and Facebook.”

Watch the clip below to see what Trump fans had to say to the host, and watch Kimmel’s monologue from Tuesday night to see what all the fuss was about.


  1. My only issue was him implying that Pence is some sort of same and viable alternative. You have to understand that we are dealing with members of a cult and you can’t treat them like normal people…because they’re not


    1. That’s what “their leader” does. Only follows his example. That’s why when something happens terrible the country looks to the president for assurance and understanding that we are fine and all will be managed. We have no President.


  2. I’ve found that these folks respond with illogical, irrelevant typical political dribble , because they have no facts, no truth to use. As a result real news= fake news, white supremacist kkk Nazi’s = standing up to commie liberals n immigrants. Their inability to grasp reality, to progress as the rest of human kind is astounding! We now know how the first modern human felt while dealing with soon to be extinct Neanderthals. Jimmy bless you and your family. May your son be well and grow in your foot steps.


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