John Oliver and Weird Al send musical message to North Korea

last week tonight north korea kim jong un

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver reacted to the ramping up of aggressive rhetoric between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un by sending a musical message from Weird Al Yankovic to the people of North Korea.

“When Twitter was invented, I bet even they didn’t imagine that it would one day lead us to the brink of nuclear armageddon,” Oliver said, after Trump threatened North Korea last week over his favorite social platform.

“Tonight we thought we would ask: what exactly is North Korea thinking, how did we get into this mess, and what can we possibly do about it?”

After looking into the bizarre world of Kim Jong Un, Oliver posed a hypothetical. “Let’s just engage in some truly magical thinking: What if you could somehow just take out Kim Jong Un? Well, you’ve probably got an immediate humanitarian crisis on your hands, as well as a leaderless country with a power vacuum and nuclear weapons. And as we’ve learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, when regimes fall and there is no plan in place, that vacuum can be filled with terrible things. We do not want to find out what North Korea’s ISIS would be.”

Oliver doesn’t have a solution to the current threat of nuclear war, but he does have a message. Watch the clip to see what Weird Al and his accordion had to say to the North Korean people.


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