Late Night Television

Seth Meyers mocks Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ threat against North Korea

"What would be tougher than 'fire and fury?'...2 Fire 2 Furious?"

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took Trump to task for announcing that he will retaliate against North Korea with “fire and fury” should the country launch nuclear missiles toward America.

“Even Trump is scared by what he’s saying,” Meyers said of Trump’s body language during the press conference where he announced the attack plan Tuesday. “Look at him, he’s literally hugging himself.”

“You know, maybe if someone else had hugged him 65 years ago, we would be here right now,” Meyers joked. “I, for one, am glad he’s finally scaring himself as much as he’s scaring the rest of us.”

Trump aides said not to read into the “fire and fury” claim, saying that was not a properly vetted phrase. “Nobody’s ever ‘read into’ what this president says. He’s not The DaVinci Code. There are no secret clues,” Meyers explained. “Hmm, ‘haters and losers,’ what could he have meant by that?”

Trump doubled down on the claim Thursday saying his words may not have been tough enough. “What would be tougher than ‘fire and fury?'” asked Meyers. “2 Fire 2 Furious?”


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