Stephen Colbert laments John Kelly’s firing of The Mooch

Trump’s new chief of staff John Kelly fired Anthony Scaramucci Monday in a surprise decision that left Stephen Colbert very sad. So on Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen pleaded with Kelly to bring The Mooch back “if we’re good.”

“Things are completely different since president-appointed new chief of staff and disappointed oak tree General John Kelly” came on the scene, said Colbert. Apparently, Kelly got the job after he was overheard yelling at Trump in the White House.

“Trump respects people who don’t suck up to him, starting…yesterday,” Colbert remarked.

“Kelly wasted no time, he did not waste a minute, draining all the fun out of the administration by immediately firing [The Mooch],” Colbert lamented.

“We’re gonna miss you, Mooch,” he said. “General Kelly, if we’re good, can we have Mooch back at the end of the semester?”

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