Late Show

‘Donald Trump is a dictator…technically’—Colbert jokes about Don Jr’s dictated statement

"He literally got his daddy to write a note for him!”

“It’s official — Donald Trump is a dictator,” Stephen Colbert stated in his monologue on Tuesday’s Late Show, before adding, “Technically.”

Apparently when Donald Trump Jr. was in hot water for his meeting with a Russian lawyer last year, it was the president who decided his son should say the meeting was about orphans, and “dictated” the statement.

“That is so weak!” Colbert remarked. “Can you imagine? Don Jr. gets in trouble. He literally got his daddy to write a note for him!”

The advisors who wrote the statement said they wanted to be truthful. “They wanted it to be truthful, which is great because they can plead ‘we prefer to be innocent,’” Colbert joked.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “The President weighed in as any father would.” Colbert responded, “Yes, like any father would. It’s one of those father and son things! It’s a tradition like playing catch, or going fishing, or preventing your son from implicating you in treason.”

Colbert then burst into a beautiful rendition of “Cats and The Cradle,” with a few words changed to suit the situation.


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