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John Oliver stages takedown of ‘batsh*t gorilla clown’ Alex Jones and InfoWars

"It’s like QVC for conspiracy.”

Alex Jones is a manic conspiracy theorist with an enormous following of like-minded alt-right conservatives, but as John Oliver argued on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, Jones is just using his influence to peddle supplements.

“The Walter Cronkite of shrieking batshit gorilla clowns,” as Oliver refers to Jones, is known for spouting hate speech and conspiracy theorists like his belief that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged by the government, which itself is an “Easy Pass to whatever is hell’s version of the champagne room.”

But Jones also sells a ton of products and spends a quarter of his 4-hour long show trying to sell weird products, like “Combat One” moist towelettes, which “can be used anywhere needed, including the perineal area,” also known as the “taint.”

His big sellers are supplements, which are guaranteed by Dr. Edward Group III, who supposedly “got his degree from MIT” but didn’t actually complete a degree program at the institute.

Jones uses these supplements to fund his show, which makes it “like an NPR pledge drive for people who hate NPR,” Oliver joked. So, to try his hand at Jones’s game, Oliver brought on 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer to act as a “medical expert” and sell moist toilettes at But beware, the price tag is pretty steep.


  1. This episode explains so much of why we have a Whackadoodle in the WH! Anyone listening to Alex Jones is not right in the head! Hilarious all the way through! However, you should have used the color orange!


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