Late Night Television

Seth Meyers replaces Scaramucci’s choice words with rooster sounds

These were actual words said on the record by the president's communications director.

On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers reacted to Anthony Scaramucci’s New Yorker interview by creatively censoring the new communications director’s colorful quotes.

In the interview, Scaramucci went off on leakers, Steve Bannon, and Reince Priebus.”There’s one word that we can’t say on TV, so instead we’re going to play the sound of a rooster and you can figure out what word he’s using,” Meyers said, before reading excerpts.

“Let me leak the f—ing thing and see if I can [rooster noise]-block these people the way I [rooster noise]-blocked Scaramucci,” Meyers read, replacing the word “cock” with the sound of a cock crowing.

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own [rooster noise].” These are real quotes from the president’s communications director, people. He actually said this.

“I’m guessing Bannon was unavailable to comment because, based on his skillset, he was otherwise engaged,” Meyers remarked. “Or maybe he did comment and it was muffled,” Meyers said. “You know, because of his [rooster noise].”


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