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Mario Cantone brings spot-on Scaramucci impression to ‘The President Show’

“It’s like looking in a mirror!”

It’s been less than a week since Anthony Scaramucci burst on the Washington scene, and already he’s made a name for himself among late night comedians. With SNL on summer break, we thought it might be months before we saw a great impression, but The President Show stepped into the void with Mario Cantone, who brought a spot-on portrayal to the Comedy Central show.

Anthony Atamanuik as Trump introduced Cantone in his cold open on Thursday’s show. “I’d like to introduce you to my favorite new team member who I will eventually betray—Anthony Scaramucci!”

“I friggin’ love you!” Cantone’s Scaramucci declared, “I’m going to fire so many people. I don’t know who it’s going to be, Reince, but I’m going to get to the bottom of the leaks in the White House, do you hear me, Reince?”

At one point, a reporter spoke up and asked him to explain why he changed his stance from pro-choice and pro-gun control just a few years ago. “You talking to me or him?” Scaramucci asked.

“Because we both did that,” Trump said. “It’s like looking in a mirror!”


  1. Chris, I loved, Mario Canton’s energy and fun for his mimicking, Scaramucici’s, over the top crazy, on SNL Chris, your right Canton was great at seizing the moment being, Scaramucici!


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