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Trevor Noah explains how Mitch McConnell keeps bringing Trumpcare back from the dead

"Mitch McConnell smoked some weed and was like, 'You can't vote for a bill if you don't HAVE a bill.'"

Senate Republicans managed to scrounge up enough votes Tuesday to debate a healthcare bill that doesn’t exist yet. On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah explained how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s latest DIY Trumpcare bill could be dangerous.

After trying three times to pass a replacement to Obamacare, McConnell decided to create a bill on the Senate floor, so he “smoked some weed and was like, ‘You can’t vote for a bill if you don’t have a bill.'”

The due date for the bill is Friday. “The new GOP plan is to reinvent the national health-care system by Thursday? I admire their optimism,” Noah said. “And by the way, this isn’t three real days, it’s technically 20 hours of actual working time. Twenty hours, that’s all they have. And 20 hours is not a lot of time to build a new health-care system — hell, I can’t even build an Ikea bookshelf in 20 hours.”

McConnell’s “new plan is to throw the entire national health-care system out on the Senate floor, let everyone randomly spitball on what it should be, and then you hope that 51 of them agree by the end of the week.”

That should turn out really well.


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