Stephen Colbert updates the Boy Scout Oath for the Trump era

President Trump gave a wild speech to the Boy Scouts of America at a Jamboree-turned-political rally in West Virginia on Tuesday. So on last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert updated the Boy Scout Oath to better align with the character of our country’s current leader.

“It’s no surprise he went to the Boy Scouts — with all his scandals, he needs someone who’s good at putting out fires,” Colbert said of Trump’s speech, in which he “did his thing” by getting political before the group of boys.

Colbert gave a clip-by-clip rundown of Trump’s speech, which included another comment on crowd size, a joke about firing Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and Trump’s attempt at reciting the Boy Scout Oath before getting caught up on the mention of “loyalty.”

“We could use more loyalty,” Colbert remarked. “For instance, that guy on stage just threatened to fire the guy he said was doing a good job. And then — as if Trump’s insecurities and personal obsessions were not enough to pour poison into the ears of children — he told them” a story about an old millionaire and his sex yacht.

“Now that they’ve heard from the president, the Scouts have updated their oath,” said Stephen. Donning a scarf and holding up three fingers, he took the oath of Trump’s America. Watch below to see what that entails.

The show also kicked off with a ghost story about the Old Bloated Pumpkin Man. Viewer, beware!

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