Trevor Noah has fun profiling Trump’s new comms director Anthony Scaramucci

Spicer is out. Scaramucci is in. That was the big story on Friday, and on Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah got a chance to react to the news and profile Trump’s incoming communications director, Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci.

“Since he’s going to be around for at least a month,” Noah decided to include him in his ongoing series, “Profiles in Tremendousness,” in which he looks at the “tremendous” people Trump surrounds himself with.

Scaramucci comes from Goldman Sachs, “which makes me think that maybe Trump’s plan to crack down on Wall Street is just to move Wall Street into the White House,” Trevor remarked. He is a classic Long Island native exhibiting all the stereotypes of a smooth-talking, greased-back Wall Street stooge. At the end of his first press conference, he blew a kiss to the press room, which Noah called “the Mooch Smooch,” adding, “Damn, that’s smooth.”

The big surprise, though, is that Scaramucci was very critical of Trump last year, and seemed to disagree with the president on many issues, but still got the job. “Now, some people may think it’s odd for a man who believes in climate change, gun control, and abortion rights to go work for Donald Trump, but in a way, if you think about it, he’s the perfect man for the job,” Noah said. “Who could represent Donald Trump better than a guy willing to abandon all of his previous positions if it gets him into the White House?”

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