Jordan Klepper will host show as Alex Jones-type conspiracy theorist in ‘Daily Show’ follow-up

Earlier this year, Comedy Central announced that Jordan Klepper would be taking over the post-Daily Show time slot once held by Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore, but that was all the info they gave us at the time. On Tuesday, Klepper and Comedy Central revealed the premise of the upcoming late night show.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will see the host portraying an alt-right conspiracy theorist host, which Klepper described as a cross between InfoWars host Alex Jones and (notably less crazy) Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor.

The show will “satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape” in a “new America” in which Barack Obama’s birth certificate is as fake as the news on CNN.

“This show is about America in 2017,” Klepper said in the presser, in which “this other side” gets its information from InfoWars and Breitbart. “This is where the bullshit starts and gets tested in its little kitchens. This world sees itself as The Outsider. Donald Trump sees himself as The Outsider – as he tweets from inside the White House.”

Klepper’s show will air in the 11:30 pm slot after The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert notably used the same time slot to ironically portray a conservative blowhard. Colbert played the character for nine years, before moving on, admitting that he grew tired of pretending to believe in everything he stands against.

When asked whether he heeded Colbert’s exhaustion when deciding to play a twisted conspiracy theorist four nights a week, Klepper said he would be lucky if he got the opportunity to play an alt-right wingnut for 10 years.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper begins Sept. 25 at 11:30 following The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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