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Trevor Noah is almost surprised by Trump’s admission to NYT about Sessions recusal

"In a strange way, Donald Trump is both the most honest and dishonest president of all time."

President Trump told the New York Times yesterday that he thought Jeff Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation was “unfair” and he would not have chosen him as Attorney General if he’d known he would recuse himself. On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the implications of Trump’s admission.

Noah began by discussing some of the stranger parts of the NYT interview, like Trump’s thoughts on French President Macron and his revisionist history of Napoleon in which he said Napoleon’s “one problem is he didn’t go to Russia that night because he had extracurricular activities, and they froze to death.”

“As strange as that all was, that was the amusing part of the interview,” Noah said. “It’s how Trump puts the ‘fun’ in ‘fundamentally unfit to be president.’ Then there’s the other parts of the interview, the parts that remind us that, if he could, Donald Trump would dismantle the rule of law like it was one of his marriages.”

That part was, of course, the bit about Trump’s “by the way” disappointment in Jeff Sessions.

“I am still stunned at how Donald Trump can make the most damning admissions as a ‘By the way,'” Noah remarked. “Because you realize, Trump just admitted he only picked Sessions because he thought he would quash investigations into Trump. And he just says it.”

“The only thing more shocking than his autocratic view of power is his willingness to talk so openly about it. In a strange way, Donald Trump is both the most honest and dishonest president of all time.”


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