Stephen Colbert kicks off ‘Russia Week’ with new Russia footage, newer Trump jokes

A few weeks ago, Stephen Colbert travelled to Russia to film a number of field pieces in our president’s favorite country. Back when he started planning the trip earlier this year, Stephen didn’t think anyone would still be talking about Russia in July. Boy, was he wrong.

On Monday’s Late Show, Colbert kicked off his “Russia Week” by mocking Donald Trump Jr. after his many excuses regarding his meeting with Russians during the election last year.

“I just want to get out ahead of the story here, I recently met with a lot of Russians,” Colbert said, admitting more than Don Jr. would. “I can’t remember why — maybe because I was in Russia. Some of them work for the government.”

“I didn’t think you’d find out, the whole week was supposed to be a secret. But someone leaked it to CBS’ marketing department,” he said, before mouthing, “I did.”

After his monologue, Colbert showed his first of two (or was it five?) field pieces filmed during his trip to Moscow. During his stay in the country, Stephen went on Russia’s version of the Late Show, hosted by Ivan Urgant, to drink a little vodka and collude with the Russians before announcing his run for office in the next presidential election.

Watch the full segment below and vote for Colbert in 2020.


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