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Trevor Noah recaps Fox News’ ‘dumb as f*ck’ reactions to Donald Trump Jr’s Russia meeting

"Fox News, the billion-dollar fear and sexual harassment factory whose entire reason for being seems to be defending the Trump administration.”

Fox News is on team Don Jr. And as Trevor Noah explained on Wednesday’s Daily Show, they are currently competing for the Trump team in the Doncathlon. This is, of course, the competition undertaken by Fox News anchors and pundits to come up with the lousiest possible defense for Trump Jr‘s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

“Most people agree that it’s collusion, or at the very least that it’s very shady,” Noah explained. “But most people don’t work at Fox News, the billion-dollar fear and sexual harassment factory whose entire reason for being seems to be defending the Trump administration.”

One of the Doncathlon’s biggest competitors is Sean Hannity, who said the meeting was “set up by Democratic operatives” in order to trap Trump Jr. “You won’t catch this on the other news channels,” he supposed.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Noah remarked. “You won’t. Because it’s dumb as fuck.”

“Really?” asked Noah. “The Democrats set up this meeting? Tricked Don Jr. into colluding with the Russians and then never used it? That was the plan?”

Donald Jr. went on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night to explain himself, but ended up just making even more excuses. “I love this. He’s totally confessing but with the tone of somebody who thinks he’s giving an alibi.”

One of his biggest excuses was that he took the meeting before everyone was talking about Russia. “‘Yeah, no one was talking about collusion before we did it.’ That’s kind of how that works. First you do the thing and then the people start to talk about it.”


    1. If you were accused of something and it was investigated many times and the conclusion every time was that you perhaps did not use the best judgement but did not commit any actual crime, you lose the election. When you bring in an enemy country to meddle with our election, to ensure that you win, THAT IS TREASON‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 against the United States‼️


    2. Betty Eltezam so why hasn’t Hillary been charged with treason? She met with Ukrainians and took millions of dollars from Russia into her foundation….explain how that is not a crime? As for the email crime….she had a crooked fbi director and AG protecting her! It wasn’t comeys call to let Hillary off the hook! And Hillarys emails are still coming out showing her corruption!


    3. The email crime wasn’t much of a crime. Just because some propaganda outlet makes something out to be a huge scandal doesn’t mean that it actually was. She didn’t, for example, send highly classified info to ISIS or North Korea or Russia via her personal email account. Of course there are many folks, those who didn’t want her to be President, who have implied that she had that private server so she could secretly do wrong stuff. But innuendo is not proof.
      You might recall that the attack on the compound in Benghazi took place in September 2012, right before Obama got elected for his second term. Mitt Romney and the Republicans and Fox News damn near gave themselves whiplash and hernias rushing to blame those deaths on Obama. Then, when he got reelected anyway, it immediately became all Clinton’s fault. Then when they couldn’t find any FACTUAL way to pin it on her, they said “but her emails….”. That’s how propaganda works – people keep throwing shit until something sticks – all you need are gullible people who can’t remember what nonsense you were spewing last year, last month, last week.


  1. I was watching Fox News at the gym & it was funny listening to “but…. but … Hillary!” LMAO

    They were even trying to blame Obama for that Russian lawyer being in the country in the first place. I’m amazed at the sheer stupidity over there but I guess I shouldn’t be…. That’s basically the rapist defence of “if she wasn’t wearing that dress!”


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