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Jimmy Kimmel asks ‘Kellyanne Conway’ about Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian lawyer

Wow, can't believe Jimmy scored this interview.

On Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy investigated the big news of the weekend by interviewing Kellyanne Conway about the report that Donald Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer last year. Well, it wasn’t the real Kellyanne Conway, but the real one is a Trump puppet anyway, so who can tell?

Kimmel began the monologue segment by discussing Trump’s time in Europe for the G20 summit and his meeting with Vladimir Putin, where the president discussed creating a cyber security system to prevent election hacking. “It’s a great idea,” Kimmel suggested. “Think of the time it will save. They already know our passwords.”

He then moved on to the story about Trump Jr meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya during the campaign with hopes of getting damaging information about Hillary Clinton. But when Kimmel brought out Trump’s puppet, Kellyanne Conway, to discuss the matter, she didn’t seem to understand anything he was saying.

“What’s a meeting?” she asked, repeatedly, to which Jimmy tried to respond, before she pressed further. “Jimmy, do you eat meat?” He answered in the affirmative, so, logically, her next question was, “Is that a meating?”

As usual, Kellyanne had more important things to discuss. “Listen, we should be focusing on Hillary Clinton and the shemales that she’s been hiding.”


  1. Wonder how Kellyanne likes that caricature of herself? As much as that glamour photo of herself on her bedside table (remember that?)? Which, when you think about it, is a caricature of her, also.


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