Samantha Bee blasts Senate Republicans for proposed cuts to Medicaid

On Wednesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee tore into the Senate GOP’s healthcare plan and it’s proposal to cut finding to Medicaid while cutting taxes for the wealthy.

Thirteen male Republican Senators crafted the bill behind closed doors, and “it turns out, 13 rich white guys alone in a room isn’t how good legislation happens,” Bee said. “It’s how Suicide Squad happens. But while Suicide Squad destroys your will to live, this bill destroys your ability to live.”

“That’s not ObamaCare repeal, that’s JohnsonCare repeal,” Bee said of LBJ’s Medicaid plan. “Please don’t kill Medicaid — it’s only 52 years old.”

“Allowing states to cap Medicaid benefits also threatens the expensive long-term care that was so very important to Republicans back when it was keeping Terry Schiavo alive,” Bee remarked, breaking down the 90s reference with clips of a young Mike Pence.

Of course, spin doctor Kellyanne Conway says these are not cuts. “Okay, they’re not cuts, the plan just won’t let Medicaid grow to keep up with medical costs and 70 million aging baby boomers who never lost their taste for pharmaceuticals,” Bee explained. “Basically it’s like telling your kid, ‘We were planning on buying you new clothes as you got older, but instead we’ll just have you wear the same onesie until you’re 53.'”

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